Progress Report: “The Adult Book Store”

Part 1, version 1.00, of “The Adult Book Store” will soon be available for free download. It’s what it is. It’s all I could do. While it lacks some of the poetic pizazz I’m accustomed to, in the course of 65 pages and 37,000 words, it does introduce the two main characters (love birds) and gets the ball rolling.

The year is 1985. The place is Boulder, Colorado. New Wave music, plentiful cocaine, and Reaganomics have quickly transformed the nation. Young and innocent Sam Bordeaux (no relation) meets Martina Espinoza, a Chilean expatriate and a somewhat mysterious “fast woman.”

Martina—who goes by many names—is complex yet fun-loving. She’s a compassionate survivor of the Pinochet regime who narrowly escaped with her life. Together, they start an adventure that might last forever.

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